You're More Than A Resume

Show employers what you bring to the table by completing remote tryouts. Did we mention you get paid?

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How it works

The 3 step process for landing the career of your dreams


Apply for a tryout

Apply to a posted tryout by completing an AI skills test and recording a video in which you answer questions from employers. Say goodbye to stressful, long, and impersonal applications.


Complete the tryout

Once you are chosen to complete a tryout with an employer, you can do the work from anywhere. Feel free to rock your pajamas as you lounge in your dorm room!


Reap the rewards

Completing tryouts on Outern leaves you with a lump-sum payment, professional experience, and yes, the potential to land an internship or full-time job. Here's to your future!

Learn About Employers

Ever wonder if you would be better suited to work at a Fortune 500 or a startup? With Outern, you can sample work with a multitude of companies all without leaving your dorm room.

Build on-the-job-skills

Complete a tryout that simulates the real work you would do on the job with an intuitive task manager and direct communication with managers.

Show 'em what you can really do

Anyone can say that they possess a skill. Separate yourself from the crowd with AI powered skills tests that truly show what you can do.

Question Formats:
Multiple ChoiceSpreadsheetCodingPowerPointWrittenVideo Recordings

Get feedback on your applications

Gone are the days where you are left wondering why you did not get a job. Outern shows you exactly how your abilities rank compared to other applicants and gives you feedback on your abilities.

Get paid fairly and safely

As you finish your tryout, we'll pay you safely and securely directly to your bank account, texting you as soon as the cash hits. We'll even help you file taxes!

Now in private beta. Releasing at select universities Spring 2021.

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