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What if you could get paid to do real work that builds your skills and helps you get hired- from your dorm room?

Outern allows you to "test-drive" working relationships with companies by assigning you remote work.

A New Way of Working While in College

Introducing Outernships™

How Outernships™ Work

It's a catch 22. Employers want to see your real world skills, but you need real world skills to get jobs that give you real world skills. Only 1/3 of college graduates feel that they have enough work experience to be prepared for the workforce. Through working with companies on short-term & remote projects, Outernships™ allow you to:

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Step 1

Build Your Profile

Get started by uploading your resume and highlighting your skills & experience. Upload a video to introduce yourself to employers.

Step 2

Create A VideoPitch

Once you find a project that interests you, articulate your qualifications by telling the employer why you are the best candidate for the job through a brief video.

Step 3

Get Paid To Do The Work

Track your progress with Outern's task manager and submit your work to your company. Upon completion, you'll have the money and experience to show for your efforts.

Step 4

Rinse & Repeat

Do as many Outernships™ as you want with as many companies as you want. Do multiple with the same company to build your relationship, or test the waters with numerous companies.

Applications Made Human

On Outern, you're not just a name on a list. With profiles that highlight skills and VideoPitches that display your personability, your value goes beyond your resume.

Guaranteed Fair Pay

We set minimum wages for every project to ensure that you are compensated fairly for your work. As your skills improve, employers will pay you more!

We'll Worry About Contracts

When you do work on Outern, you can rest assured knowing that all of your work is protected by platform specific contracts. Get paid on time and as agreed.

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