How Companies Can Level the Playing Field in Junior-Talent Recruiting

Alex Davessar
Posted on
January 7, 2020

The stigma of where one goes to college is finally fading. According to Gallup, less than ten percent of hiring managers still believe that where a candidate went to college is important in evaluating the candidate’s potential for success. Yet, underrepresented individuals still face significant challenges when seeking a job. Recruiters only have so much time in which they can visit career fairs, and smaller colleges are oftentimes overlooked. Thus, students that attend colleges without a significant institutional reputation or that lack business connections do not get the same exposure to recruiters regardless of how talented they might be.

When you post an Outernship™ on Outern, any qualified student can indicate that they want to work with you, regardless of where they went to school, what socioeconomic situation they came from, and how many connections they have. A student that goes to Harvard has no advantage over a student that went to community college. Here’s what this does for your business: you are able to expand your talent pool to thousands of institutions rather than fifteen, and you ensure that the candidates you’re evaluating are on your radar because of their abilities, not because of their pedigree. It also means that you can evaluate these candidates at scale, offering many students small pieces of work rather than offering only a few students a months long internship. Are you ready to modernize your recruiting processes? Click here to get started!

Outern is a web platform that allows companies to outsource short-term work done while building long-term hiring pipelines. As a marketplace, Outern connects companies with talented college students who are looking to build their resumes with real world experience. By working with students, companies are able to recruit year round and "test-drive" candidates, ultimately ensuring that hiring decisions are made with more than just a resume and interview.

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