Working With Companies

David McGrath
Posted on
April 23, 2020

Congratulations! Your application was accepted and you were selected to work on a project with a company. Let's take a look at how to actually do work on Outern with the following steps:

  1. Sign Contracts
  2. Read Onboarding Documents
  3. Access Step Instructions
  4. Submit Files

Signing Contracts

Like any job, Outern projects require you to agree to specific project terms, known as the Student-Company PIIA (PIIA). The PIIA assigns the rights to the work that you do for your company. Some companies may require you to agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Here's how you can take care of these:

  1. In the email that notifies you that you have been assigned to a project, you will find the PIIA and possibly the NDA. If there is an NDA, please sign it and email it to your manager's email address, which is included in this same email notification. Once your manager has received the NDA, they will unlock your project. You will be notified that the project has been unlocked via email. If there is no NDA attached, your project is already unlocked!
  2. Once logged into your Outern account, you can navigate to your project's project manager by clicking on its card, located under recent projects.
  3. Before you can access the project manager, you will be prompted to upload your signed PIIA. Upload the document, and your project will be unlocked!

Reading Onboarding Documents

Companies upload onboarding information, which ensures that you have the necessary background knowledge and business context to complete your project. Here's how to access this:

  1. Once you are on your project manger (accessed by clicking your project's card via the Dashboard), you will see two blue buttons towards the top of the page. Click on the second blue button, titled, "Onboarding Instructions."
  2. Read the instructions from your manager.
  3. Click "Download Onboarding Files' to see the files attached by your manager.

Accessing Step Instructions

Once you have read your onboarding materials, you can click on the cards associated with each step to access your instructions for the project. We recommend reading through all of the steps in your project before getting to work.

  1. Click on the card associated with the next step.
  2. Do the work within each step.
  3. Mark the step as complete when you finish its respective work.

Submitting Files

There are two ways to submit work when completing projects on Outern. Some companies will ask you to submit files and deliverables through third-party services. Other companies will ask you to submit documents through Outern itself.

  1. Determine where your company would like you to submit documents and files. If this is not explicitly clear in the project's instructions, always ask your manager first. This can be done by clicking "Contact Manager" towards the top of the page.
  2. Should your company ask you to submit files on Outern, upload the file via the upload box below Submitted Files, then click submit.

That's it! Once your project is complete, you can receive your payment. You can read about accessing payouts here.

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