Creating A Project

David McGrath
Posted on
April 23, 2020

Once you have create your company profile, you can create a project for students to apply to. This can be done via the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Projects page via the toolbar on the lefthand side of the screen.
  2. Click "New Project" to begin detailing your work.
  3. In section 1, title your project and provide a brief description of the work that needs to be done. This will be visible to students when they choose to apply to your project.
  4. In section 2, input the skills needed to do the project, the category of work, and the date by which you need the work done. These inputs will help filter students qualified to do your work.
  5. In section 3, please submit onboarding documents in the form of a Word document or PDF. These documents provide your student with information about your company, project, or processes that they need to do their work, and it will only be accessible once the student begins working. You can find more information on onboarding documents here. You can also upload your own NDA for the project, however do note that all projects on Outern are already covered by a confidentiality agreement. You can find that document here.
  6. Section 4 allows you to input three questions that you would like to ask candidates who apply to your project. You can think of these as interview questions which the student will answer in video format.
  7. In section 5, we ask that you scope the project by estimating the number of hours a student will need to do the work as well as the hourly rate you wish to pay the student. These numbers will be multiplied together to form a flat rate which you will pay once you select the student you would like to work with. Don't worry-- the student's payment will be held by Outern until they complete the work as assurance that the work is done right.
  8. Click "Next" to proceed.
  9. Section 5 corresponds to the project's outline. Firstly, please offer an explanation of your onboarding documents as well as what the student should do before beginning work to prepare. Then, add as many steps as you need to explain what the student is expected to do during the project. Remember to click save prior to adding additional steps!
  10. In section 6, assign your student permissions for the deliverable they create. Indicate whether they are allowed to list the project on a resume as well as display the work within a portfolio.
  11. In section 7, please download and sign the project agreement. This will be sent to your student for them to sign prior to beginning work. This document is held by Outern and can be requested at any time.
  12. Finally, click submit, and we will get it sent to students!

You're now ready to choose the student you would like to work on your project!

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