Choosing Applicants

David McGrath
Posted on
April 23, 2020

You've received an email stating that students have applied for your project! Here's how to pick the student you want to get to work with:

  1. Upon log in, click the red card that indicates your project has applicants. You can also click the applicants tab on the lefthand toolbar.
  2. On the applicants screen, you can toggle your projects that currently have applicants via the dropdown on the top left section of your window. This displays a quick-view profile of all of your applicants.
  3. Click "View Profile" to access more in depth information such as past work, resume, and more.
  4. When you are ready to select your student, return to the Applicants page and find the student you want to hire. Click "Offer Project."
  5. Verify that your project details are correct, then pay for the project.

You're all set to begin working with your student! Keep in mind that if you required an additional NDA, your student will email that signed document to you. Upon receiving this, you must unlock the project for the student. You can learn about this and tracking project work here.

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