Skill-Based Talent Evaluation & Recruiting

Take your campus recruiting to the 21st century with technology that shows you skills, communication ability, and real work samples of candidates.

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Making recruiting accessible, effective, and cost-efficient

Outern helps companies reach, evaluate, and recruit junior talent by pre-screening skills, providing a real sample of work, and quickly revealing soft-skills.

Why Use Outern?

Skills Backed By Data

Anyone can list a skill on a resume. On Outern, students can take over 800 soft and hard skill tests, providing you with real insights on candidates' abilities. Take the guesswork out of screening.

Work Samples Work Best

Nothing will ever be more indicative of a candidate's potential than the work they do with your team. Outern facilitates remote projects between you and your candidates, accurately gauging their abilities from deliverables.

Reach Talent In A Remote World

Gone are the days where your recruiting strategy is centered upon annual campus visits and career fairs. With Outern, you can reach talented students year-round without and leaving your office.

What Positions Can I Fill On Outern?
BUILD TEAMs With Confidence

Introducing Pipelines

How Outern Works

1. Create A Pipeline

Get started by outlining the position you are looking to fill and detailing the sample work that is associated with that position.

2. Evaluate Candidates

After you create your pipeline, students will begin to apply. Use detailed skill data and video content to evaluate candidates and select one to complete your work sample.

3. Watch Your Work As It's Completed

Track your project with Outern's task manager. Communicate, and receive deliverables from your student via our encrypted messaging and video- conferencing system. When you're satisfied with the final work, we'll release your payment to the student.

4. Make An Informed Hiring Decision

You've evaluated your student with data, video content, and a real work sample. Move the candidate forward in your hiring process with confidence in your decision.

Can My Company Implement Outern?

Automated Onboarding

Students have a 1099 contracting relationship with Outern. When you hire a student, you simply pay us a consulting fee, and we handle the rest. Payroll and onboarding is as easy as buying a pie.

Confidentiality Protection

When you start a project, we protect your work with built in NDAs. We also give you the option to upload your own legal documents to ensure that your proprietary information is safe.

Data Security

Outern is built on the world's leading technologies. All communications and file transfer between you and students are HIPAA, HITECH, BAA, ISO27001, EU-US Privacy Shield, and GDPR compliant.

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