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Coming Fall 2020

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What could your company do with an on-demand talent pool of college students across America?

Outern allows companies to reach, recruit, and evaluate with junior talent at scale via short-term remote work.


Introducing Outernships™

How Outernships™ Work

On average, companies spend $4,000 on recruitment for each junior hire. Yet, they lose $14,900 on bad hires and $29,600 on good candidates that choose to work somewhere else. By working with student freelancers, Outernships™ allow your company to:

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Step 1

Create A Project

Get started by outlining the work that needs to be done, listing the required skills, and estimating the hours needed to do the job. We'll show your job to the right students who can get the work done right.

Step 2

Evaluate Candidates

Each applicant will upload a VideoPitch explaining why they are the right person for the job. Watch videos and view skill, experience, rating, and education data to make an informed selection.

Step 3

Watch Your Work As It's Completed

Track your project with Outern's task manager, communicate, and receive deliverables from your student via our messaging system. When you're satisfied with the final work, we'll release your payment to the student.

Step 4

Repeat & Hire

Was your student effective? Assign them another Outernship™ with increased responsibility! Once you're confident in their abilities, move off the platform by offering an internship or full-time position.

Student Accountability

All students are rated by the companies they work with. We automatically remove the bad apples and ensure that you are only matched with diligent students that can get the job done.

Confidentiality Protection

When you start a project, we protect your work with built in NDAs. We also give you the option to upload your own legal documents to ensure that your proprietary information is safe.

Arbitrated Disputes

If the work you recieve doesn't match your outlined expectations, Outern will review the project and settle the dispute by issuing a full refund and assigning another student to the project.

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