March 30, 2020

We're Declaring War On COVID-19: Introducing Outern Lite

For the past two weeks, our team has watched as the lives of those around the world have been flipped upside-down. We've watched our peers' startups go out of business. We've watched families struggling to make ends meet. We've watched amazing people--people who should've been with us for much longer-- slip away before they could even process what had hit them. And now, we watch as the world enters what amounts to a global hibernation and recognizes an unfathomable truth: COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon.

We are now living in a reality in which, for most, the best way to contribute to the fight against COVID-19 is to stay home. For many, including us, this is an incredibly helpless and counterintuitive feeling. We also recognize that, for many of our peers, staying at home means losing internships and summer jobs. In most cases, companies have not set in place a structure for remote internships and are simply cancelling them altogether. These opportunities are so meaningful to so many young people; internships and jobs allow for career progression, financial well-being, and social growth. COVID-19 represents a major setback for these students.

The Outern team believes that it is imperative that those who are able to make a difference take action. Our company is built upon a few core tenets, one of which is helping students achieve their professional goals. Because of the effects of COVID-19, we have decided to release a stripped down version of our remote internship software that was intended for release in August. This software, called Outern Lite, will give students the ability to:

  • Find project-based work opportunities,
  • Display their talents through more effective applications,
  • Build their skills through work related to their field of interest, and
  • Make money, with funds deposited directly into the student's bank account

while allowing companies to:

  • Reach high-quality talent,
  • Evaluate candidates based upon video-enhanced applications,
  • Manage student workflow in a remote capacity, and
  • Pay the student effortlessly.

The first release of Outern Lite is coming next week, and will be open to a select group of companies and students. As we progress towards summer, Outern Lite will be available for any company and any student. We believe that, through Outern Lite, we can fight the effects of COVID-19 by helping companies and students make the most out of the next few months.

-The Outern Team

For inquiries into becoming an early user of Outern Lite, please visit