Preemptively Reduce Turnover and Increase Employee Satisfaction

Ironically, employers learn the most about candidates after hiring them. Temporarily make your candidates a part of your team, and see how they work and interact with colleagues early in the hiring process.

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Some Qualities Can Only Be Assessed on the Job đŸ’¼

Outern temporarily makes candidates a part of your team as contract workers, giving them the opportunity to experience real work within your company and helping save you up to $240,000 in bad hire expenses.

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The Outern Hiring System

Applications made engaging, insightful, and transparent.

Applications through Outern utilize interactive video content and AI-powered skill assessments, giving you a window into how candidates will perform. Our software also keeps candidates informed, giving them access to their scores and helping them understand how they compare to other candidates.

Work with candidates remotely before you actually hire them.

Pick top candidates and work with them quickly, seamlessly, and remotely. Candidates are classified as contractors of Outern, meaning that you do not have to worry about onboarding or payroll. Our software provides you with the collaboration tools you need to work with candidates while automating candidate pay, taxes, and more.

Preemptively reduce turnover and increase employee satisfaction.

Some candidates, no matter how talented, are not the right fit for an organization. Perhaps they struggle with deadlines or simply do not feel passionate about their work. Outern helps you and your candidates discover incompatibilities before making an expensive commitment.

Define your role

Create a tryout that simulates the real work candidates would do on the job with an intuitive task manager that replicates tools you already use.

Broaden your talent pool

Outern allows you to sample work with candidates completely remotely, allowing you to hire the best talent from anywhere in the world.

Find the needle in the haystack

Anyone can say that they possess a skill. Separate the wheat from the chaff with auto-graded AI powered skills tests that learn from your hiring preferences over time.

Question Formats:

Hire with confidence

Commit to a long-term internship or full-time hire only after you are confident that the candidate can do the job.

Some of our amazing features

Automated legal & payroll onboarding

AI powered skills tests

Interactive video content

Candidate invitations

Recruiter-manager handoff

Dispute assistance

Engaging and fun user experience

Robust web app

Now in private beta. Releasing publicly in Autumn 2020.

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